She statements one to as being the barista’s spouse, you might envision she you will definitely forget about ahead

A day later from the cafeteria, Alli as well as the remaining prom committee watch Becky and you may Jonah audition to tackle during the prom. Jenna asks where Clare was. Just after she requires, Clare turns up which have four coffee inside a windows holder, apologizing to be later on account of an extended range on Mark. Alli screws up-and grabs the fresh coffee regarding Clare. She tells the lady to not ever wish to remain due to the fact this lady has everything you under control. Clare discusses their perplexed and requires in the event that she doesn’t want this lady inside since she skipped a couple conferences. Alli dismisses that and says this woman is merely seeking to getting an understanding buddy before giving Clare a nice laugh. Clare knows now and you may asks if Eli shared with her. Alli’s look drops and you can she acknowledges that Eli thought she knew. Clare says she don’t give someone due to the fact she don’t must getting managed in different ways. Shortly after a quick dispute about their friendship, Clare angrily treks out from the cafeteria, making Alli upset.

Eli can be seen temporarily doing work during the Mark when you find yourself Tristan and Gage finish their big date, Tristan and you will Zoe catch-up from the Kilometers, and you can Zoe provides a discussion about performance entry which have Kilometers. It could be presumed that Eli supported Tristan plus the other people.

She informs your you to definitely she doesn’t want to check out your so you’re able to New york given that she desires to find out just who the woman is for her very own in which he informs the lady loves her today and you can he will like when she gets anyone she really wants to be

In Teen-age Riot, Eli is at The fresh Dot which have Clare and Ali revealing exactly how Clare feels violated that Ms. Tablet might have been prying on her to the universities digital camera program.

Within the Finally (1), Eli fits up with Clare in the Degrassi into the crack and you can Clare doesn’t know what she desires to do shortly after graduation and Eli tells the lady she will happen so you can Ny and you may Clare agrees. Eli is through Clare, Connor, Alli, Dallas, and you will Jenna taking photos before-going so you can prom. Eli will get using one knee that triggers Clare, Alli, and you can Jenna to believe he’s suggesting but he’s simply to present her having key to their flat inquiring to go inside the which have him however, Clare rejects their promote stating transferring that have Eli can’t feel their bundle after highschool.

During the Fundamentally (2), Eli having Clare, Ali, Jenna, and Connor dining whenever you are Ali sharing exactly how Dallas is which have her or him and you can Connor gets a contact to take Alli towards Mark. Eli asks Clare in order to moving with him in the Mark prom. Inside moving Eli and you may Clare discussing Clare’s coming and you will Eli departs the latest prom as he feels one Clare does not want in order to feel which have him. Eli is in the Degrassi auditorium viewing the category regarding 2014 graduate shocked by the Clare’s choices and you will found tearing up during Adam’s art gallery segment. Following the service, Eli and you can Clare speak about Clare’s future. It concur that they will result in the long way really works. Clare pulls Eli in for a hug prior to signing up for the category off 2014’s conga line due to the fact Eli watches on, clapping into the group.


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