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For example, and would be used to classify elements such as revenues and assets in as distinct from other states. When a fact does not have any domain member specified, that means it applies to the entire domain. Entity and report-specific information required by XBRL that allows tagged data to be understood in relation to other information. A property of an element such as its name, balance, data type, and whether the element is abstract.

A great pitch and experience with the core brand can form the brand extension a triumph. Research your current customers, also new users whom you may desire to attract. Remember to evaluate your competitors also to have an idea if you are lagging in anything.

Because brands are generally not successful when they experiment and work with something, they are new to. For instance, Aashirvaad is now into diverse categories of offerings such as salt, ghee, spices, ready to eat meals, etc. Over the years, the different variants have been welcomed and loved in terms of their brand campaigns as well as their acceptability. It is undoubtedly one of the most popular contraception brands worldwide. If you wish to stay relevant in face of stiff competitions from rival brands.

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Copper Lake Resources Announces Warrant Extension.

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On the basis of the evidence gathered, judge whether or not each criterion is being adequately satisfied in the programme planning activities. No matter how well a programme is thought through, it is of no use unless carried out. This implies good organization and careful planning for action. A plan of work is an outline of procedure so arranged as to enable efficient execution of the entire programme. It is the answer to what, where, when and how the job will be done. In carrying out programme plans, different leaders and groups may work on various phases, i.e., the women in the community may work on one segment, the men on a second segment and youth-club members on a third.

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It is further recommended that these spaces should never be less than 0.7 mm. About 54,000 front line demonstrations were organized to demonstrate the https://1investing.in/ion potential of newly released production technologies in 2009. To organize vocational training programmes in agriculture technologies and home economics . To train teachers who are likely to be engaged in teaching in agriculture at high school level. The Metro received a positive response from Pune residents for the first three months, but now only a small number of people use it daily. Following the launch, it was expected that every three months, the Metro route would be extended, but this has not been the case, and passengers must still contend with the 12km route – Vanaz to Garware and PCMC to Phugewadi for unforeseen future.

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Rost: 3 biggest questions Seahawks face to complete their roster.

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Because of the remarkable benefits or experiences they offer, businesses are frequently seen as being distinctive. These benefits are typically connected to a particular brand name. As a result, marketers exploit the names of these companies to enter new markets and increase their brand equity. Take Parachute, a term given to a number of hair products made with coconut oil.

The taxonomy schema files together with the relationships files define the concepts and relationships that form the basis of the taxonomy. The set of related schemas and relationships files altogether constitute a taxonomy. A process that automatically scales numeric data by value, thus saving time of entering zeros during the entry or creation process. XBRL does not support the scaling of numeric values ; however, it is a feature commonly found in instance document creation software.

Brand Repositioning Decision

Hence, users who are using Colgate paste will try to use the new products as they are trusted with the quality of the product. Extending a product line under the present brand can catch the customers who have different preferences also helps in reaching the users who are already known to the brand. The purpose of sampling is to take a relatively small number of units from a population in such a way that the evidence collected from them becomes representative evidence of the entire population. Although there are several sampling methods, perhaps stratified sampling procedures may be most suitable for extension evaluation studies a they allow inclusion of all interested groups and ensure enough heterogeneity in the sample. Teaching aids to be used by the extension workers have been prepared and/or procured in sufficient quantity, well in time. The plan provides for the needed training of extension workers and leaders.


There are several models of evaluation available in the literature. However, a very simplified version of most of these models may be quite workable for evaluating extension programmes since, as Bhatnagar has pointed out, any extension evaluation process has to be based on certain assumptions. This means that evaluation has to be so designed that the quality types and adequacy of the input measures, outputs and their impact in achieving the programme objectives have to be evaluated systematically. The capacity of the petroleum, petroleum products and natural gas pipeline so determined shall be used for providing access to available capacity on non discriminatory basis under the relevant regulations on access code. Extension programmes are mostly funded with public money and are planned and implemented by an organization, which in most cases is a department of a government. In order to justify the appropriation of public funds and continuing support from the people, it is necessary that their management as well as impact be properly and adequately evaluated from time to time.


With time, the business expanded into new markets, such as the provision of always-available sanitisers and sanitary towels. The sanitisers from LifeBuoy are already on supermarket shelves and ready to ensure your everyday hygiene. A reputable business that is well-known for its coffee drinks and distinctive approach to each of its customers has joined the energy drinks market. The company has entered another lucrative industry by introducing a new line of low-calorie energy beverages centred on fruit juice and green coffee extract. Introducing the same product in a fresh format allows it to compete in a different product category.

Instead of retaining the existing brand name they launched the club wear brand under the standalone brand called “ZOD” to give it a new and fresh look. Leveraging the brand up or down in the existing product class is another option that often is strategically necessary but has significant risks. With its awareness, perceived quality, associations and customer loyalty, a brand is usually the most powerful asset that a firm owns strategic question, then, is how that brand can be leveraged to create larger and stronger business entities. Further more from time to time, a company/brand must revisit its product portfolio judiciously. Consistency refers to the degree of how different products of a brand are related to each other. Surprisingly, a leading Indian confectionery & biscuit company in Parle also came up with a new product category with the launch of its ‘Parle Suraksha’ hand sanitizer.

Relationship between elements that indicates subordination of one to the other as represented in a print listing or financial statement presentation. Relationships files use parent-child hierarchies to model several different relationships, including presentation, summation of a set of facts, and membership of concepts within a domain used as the axis of a table. An instance document contains facts; an axis differentiates facts and each axis represents a way that the facts may be classified.

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These items are made by Marico, a well-known Indian manufacturer of consumer goods that also makes other hair products. S help businesses expand their product lines and gain market share, and they may give the business a competitive edge over rivals who don’t provide comparable goods. The established brand acts as an efficient and affordable marketing tool for the new product.

The subject matter is appropriate considering the people’s level of interests, knowledge, attitude and available time and technology. A good programme should cover the majority of people’s important interests. It must be comprehensive enough to embrace all groups, creeds and races at all levels and community, block, state, national and international problems. It is futile to deal with only one phase of life in a community as an end in itself. At the same time, a few of the most important or timely problems should be chosen for emphasis. Decisions must be made as to which of the needs are most urgent.


Product line is the number of similar product categories being sold to a similar target segment. Moreover, they might fail miserably due to lack of expertise and know-how in the new domain. However, it is more of a high-risk high reward scenario that enables the big brands to experiment and become even bigger.

It should be used as the basis for developing annual plans of work. It should clearly state the important problems or needs identified by the staff and the people in the programming process. Selected problems are related to the family, community block and situation.

However a sharp price reduction can indicate to line extension meaning that—as they may have begun to suspect—the brand really is not different from any other brand, and is therefore of average quality. For example, Cadbury Dairy Milk launched its sb- brand SILK which is smoother and silkier in taste and texture. The core identity of the brand , is ‘like silk to touch and taste,” clearly confirms the strategy of moving the brand up successfully. An alternative is to use a sub- brand for an existing brand to create an upscale entry. ZODIAC – one of the largest shirt companies in the world which manufactures formal wear for men wanted to enter the evening wear segment for men.

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When brand expansions fail, it’s typically because businesses try to milk their brands or borrow them, or they simply don’t focus properly on developing sufficient new consumer benefits. Typically, the brand is connected to vitality, health, and oranges. The industry for vitamins and supplements was launched by Sunkist’s development of vitamin C pills.

If an existing brand name is used for a new product category, the existing brand is called the parent brand. One of the essential factors for successful branding decisions for food & commodity categories strategies is the willingness to buy a branded product. They get the same quality in whichever retail shop they go to. When any two lines meet at one common point, they are called intersecting lines. The common point where they intersect is known as the point of intersection.

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Strategy is a goal-directed action for the firm, and branding strategy for a firm is the firm’s decision. Brand strategy decisions are the central part of branding decisions. It is to identify and manage the number and nature of common & unique elements or value propositions adopted for a set of products sold by a firm. So, a brand strategy decision involves a set of decisions to add or maintain several brand elements to its product portfolio. This shall be the capacity of the pipeline system under prevailing facilities and conditions. With the brand’s reputation and trust in the industry, people trust the brand also tend to purchase products from their new extended categories.

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